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Die unendlich vielen Angebote, die Sie bei der Suche nach einem Fotostudio erhalten, machen die Wahl schwierig. Es gibt eine scheinbar endlose Anzahl von Fotografen. Viele Leute fragen sich deshalb, welches das richtige Fotostudio für die gewünschten Bilder ist. Erhalten Sie bei 1Fotograf mit Passion angefertigte professionelle Aufnahmen für alle Einsatzgebiete. Mit uns finden Sie einen Ansprechpartner für optimale Motivfindung und hochklassige Ablichtung mit moderner Ausrüstung.

Flower power in the hair
Flowers adorn nature with their individual colors and shapes and spread a positive energy when they are seen. Flowers can be used just as well in a photo shoot in a creative way to take impressive photos. Large and colorful flower arrangements are particularly popular as headdresses, which are staged by a photographer like us during portrait shootings .

Flower shooting as a special stylistic device
A flower shoot requires extraordinary preparation because not only the models have to be engaged. Various flowers in all colors and shapes are ordered, which are tied into a large headdress. Each individual flower headdress should have its own color scheme and be adapted to the intended model and their outfit .

Splendor of color despite the cold season
In autumn and winter the selection of colorful flowers becomes less, since many flowers only bloom in summer. Nevertheless, we have had colorful combinations made of all sorts of flowers that distract from the gray and cold weather outside. The color of the flowers is also good for the soul and distracts from the dreary season.

Focus on the flowers
When photographing the motif , we made sure that the model was not the focus. It is important that the flowers are focused and therefore not lose their individual value. The flowers are worn on the head and fastened in the hairstyle. No big movements are possible because the flowers should be in focus and attract the attention of the beholder. When the many flowers in the photo shine in their colors, impressive photos are created.

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